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Department of Nutrition and Health

About Us

The Department on Nutrition and Health has achieved quite a lot in many areas of core businesses including teaching, research and community service. The Department of Nutrition and Health has three (3) programmes that is Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with IT, Master of Science in Community Nutrition and PhD in Community Nutrition. The programme of BSc. In Nutrition and Dietetics with IT was fully accredited after the department met the minimum required for full accreditation by Kenya Nutritionist and Dieticians Institute.

The Department of Nutrition and Health prepares students to address nutrition and health issues involving nutrition and food access. Our primary mission is to improve human health during the life span by training future leaders in the fields of nutrition and dietetics. Our undergraduate and graduate programs train student to engage in nutrition and food related planning, practice and research. Nutrition students are prepared to become future leaders in health care, public, clinical and community nutrition, acquiring the necessary skills to solve the challenges of a rapidly changing and culturally diverse health environment. 



A global leader in nutrition and health teaching, research and community service.



To mentor individuals who will be leaders in nutrition and health knowledge and its application, research and community service. 


Core Values

Quality (excellence, determination, integrity)

Professionalism (teamwork)

Innovativeness (creativity and inventiveness)

With the ultimate aim of making a difference in Nutrition and Health


Quality Objectives

1.      To equip students with knowledge and skills that will develop and enhance capacity in delivery of quality nutrition and health services.

2.      To conduct cutting edge basic and action research that contributes to new knowledge in nutrition and health, and the improvement of national and global nutrition and health status;

3.      To foster partnership with stakeholders and other communities;

4.      To identify and enhance innovative indigenous solutions to nutrition problems and contribute to improved wellbeing through community service;

To actively engage in any other nutrition and related activities as approved by Maseno University in consultation with the Department.