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Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with IT

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with IT

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. By the end of the programme, the graduates should be able to:
  2. Provide Nutrition and Dietetic services in clinical and community settings including but not limited to health facilities, educational facilities, religious institutions, and food service institutions.
  3. Educate populations on nutrition and dietetics issues at individual and group levels.
  4. Manage nutrition needs in communicable and non-communicable diseases and other conditions.
  5. Identify nutrition related needs, plan, implement and set up appropriate interventions.
  6. Participate in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating nutrition related interventions including during disasters and emergencies.
  7. Participate in nutrition surveillance at all levels.
  8. Collaborate with other agencies including government, NGOs, public and private sectors on matters related to nutrition and dietetics; including promoting, achieving and maintaining food and nutrition security.
  9. Advocate for and mobilize resources to address nutrition and dietetic needs.
  10. Provide leadership in nutrition and keep up to date with nutrition developments.
  11. Participate in nutrition related research and policy development.
  12. Continually strive to increase professional knowledge and skills and apply them in practice.
  13. Train specialized graduates in communication management, media technology and production.

year one Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

PND 101

Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics

PND 102

Basic Physics

PND 103

Human Anatomy

PND 104

Basic Psychology

AEN 105

Communication Skills

SCH 101

Basic Physical Chemistry

SCH 102

Basic Inorganic Chemistry

SMA 106

Mathematics 1

UCI 101

Foundations of Information Technology


Year one Semester 2

Course Code

Course Title

PND 105

Principles of Human Nutrition

PND 106

First Aid

PND 107

Life Skills

PMT 122

Human Physiology I

SCH 103

Basic Organic Chemistry

SCH 104

Basic Analytical Chemistry

UCI 102

Computer Communication Systems

UCI 104

Data Manipulation and Analysis using Spreadsheets


Year One Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

PND 201

Principles of Food and Nutrition I: Macronutrients

PND 202

Principles of Dietetics Management

PND 203

Basic Epidemiology

PND 204

Medical Microbiology

PND 205

Nutrition in the Human Life Cycle

PMT 212

Human Physiology II

PML 211

Basic Biochemistry

UCI 201

The Internet and World Wide Web

UCI 203

Desktop Publishing Techniques


Year Two Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

PND 206

Culinary Skills

PND 207

Principles of Foods and Nutrition II: Micronutrients and Trace Elements

PND 209

Basic Pharmacology and Toxicology

PND 210

Introduction to Sociology

PND 211

Principles of Nutrition Assessment

UCI 202

Computer Based Information Systems

UCI 204

Relational Database Management Systems


Year Three Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

PND 301

Food Chemistry

PND 302

Meal Planning, Management and Service

PND 303

General Dietetics

PND 304

Nutrition Pharmacology

PND 305

Food Hygiene and Safety

PND 306

Primary Health Care

PND 307

Food Preservation and Processing

UCI 301

Management of Information Technology Projects

UCI 303

Multimedia and Graphics Systems and Applications


Year Three Semester 2

Course Code

Course Title

PND 308

Food Formulation and Modification

PND 309

Nutritional Epidemiology

PND 310

Research Methodology

PND 311

Nutrition Care Process

PND 312

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Development

PND 313

Food Microbiology and Parasitology

PND 314


PND 315

Industrial Attachment

UCI 302

Electronic Commerce

UCI 304

Statistical Data Analysis


Year Four Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

PND 401

Nutrition Education and Counseling

PND 402

Nutrition and Dietetic Research Project

PND 403

Nutrition in Emergency Situations

PND 404

Nutrition in Diseases Management

PND 405

Food Biotechnology

PND 406

Applied Information Technology in Nutrition

PND 407

Nutrition Anthropology

PND 408

Community Nutrition and Assessment

UCI 401

IT and Society

UCI 403

Internal Control and Security Issues


Year Four Semester 2

Course Code

Course Title

PND 409

Seminars in Nutrition and Dietetics

PND 410

Leadership in Nutrition and Dietetics

PND 411

Food Security and Policy Analysis

PND 412

Nutrition Surveillance and Planning

PND 413

Therapeutic Dietetics

PND 414

Nutrition and Behaviour

UCI 402

Human Computer Interaction

UCI 410

Information Systems Application

Department of Nutrition and Health