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Message From The HoD

About Us
Dean School Of Public Health
Dr. Pauline Andango

Welcome to the School of Public Health and Community Development. If you are a highly motivated individual, with a vision to make a difference to health through working with individuals, groups and or large populations; or to contribute by generating innovative health solutions to disease prevention and control; or by addressing nutrition choices, challenges and nutrition-disease relationships – this is the place for you. Our committed staff will support you through the journey in your chosen programme offered in the School – at Undergraduate, Masters or PhD level. We invite you to look through our website and engage with us. Your queries can be sent to our School Administrator at: who will direct them to the relevant member(s) of staff. We are happy to assist you and look forward to welcoming you to the School. We also welcome local and international collaborators to partner with us in high-impact health research and interventions.