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Department of Public Health

Chair Of Department

Dr. Louisa Njeri Ndunyu


The Department of Public Health was established in 2001 in the School of Public Health and Community Development (SPHCD).

The Department hosts five programmes accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) : The Bachelor of Science in Public Health with Information & Technology programme was launched in 2011 and is accredited by the Public Health Officers and Technicians Council (PHOTC), and the students are indexed annually. The Department was proud to admit its first class of eight (8) students in 2011/2012 Academic Year, followed by 68 students in the second year. Today the programme continues to attract more than its capacity of 40 students each year, due to market demand driven by the high quality delivery in training and opportunities offered to its graduates. The programme has Diploma holder health professionals upgrading their training in this Bachelors degree in weekend classes (Friday-Sunday) in an intensive trimester calendar. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health with IT programme has so far graduated fine (5) cohorts of graduates (over 240) in to the market. The students undertake a one year internship under the mentorship of the PHOTC, following which they are licensed to practice. Graduates of the programme are serving the country in different capacities; some are employed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), County Departments of Health, health organizations, national and international, and many others are undertake their postgraduate studies. The alumni forum is very active as they share knowledge, resources and networking. The Bachelor of Health Records and Information Technology was launched in 2017 with its first Diploma holder health professionals admitted for their upgrading training in this Bachelors degree in the weekend class.  Due to the market demand the programme attracted the first 47 students from the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS) in 2019. The Health Systems Management with Information Technology has Diploma holder health professionals undertaking their upgrading training in this Bachelors degree.