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About the Programme 

The programme aims to build capacity in biomedical research and disease interventions for the benefit of improved human health. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Train students to have competence in the current and emerging fields in molecular biology and medical biotechnology.
  • Create awareness of the importance of technology and research for the improvement of human health, safety, and development.
  • Equip students with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and technical skills applicable in medical and biomedical research sectors and other service industries in the public, private and community-based sectors as well as have the innovativeness to start and manage their own business ventures and be involved in community development.


Year 1 Semester 1


SMA 106

Mathematics I

SCH 101

Basic Physical Chemistry

SCH 102

Basic Inorganic Chemistry

UCI 101

Foundations of Information Technology

UCI 103

Word Processing and Design of Presentations

PMB 110

Introduction to Medical Biotechnology

PMB 111

Comparative Animal Anatomy

PML 112

Human Anatomy I

PMT 121

Medical Embryology


Year 1 Semester 2


SMA 107

Mathematics II

SCH 103

Basic Organic Chemistry

SCH 104

Basic Analytical Chemistry

UCI 102

Computer Communication Systems

UCI 104

Data Manipulation and Analysis using Spreadsheets

PMT 122

Human Physiology I

PML 121

Human Anatomy II

PHT 112

HIV and AIDS Determinants, Prevention & Mgt. 


Year 2 Semester 1


UCI 201

The Internet and World Wide Web

UCI 203

Desktop Publishing Techniques

PMT 211

Medical  Histology

PMT 212

Human Physiology II

PML 211

Medical Cell Biology and Cytology

PMT 225

Medical Entomology and Vector Sciences

PML 221

Basic Biochemistry

PMT 217

General Pharmacology


Year 2 Semester 2


UCI 202

Computer Based Information Systems

UCI 204

Relational Database Management Systems

PMT 220

Quality Control and Assurance

PMT 223

Biochemical Techniques I

PMT 224


PMT 226

Medical Endocrinology

PMB 215

Animal Science for Biomedicine

PMT 214

Fundamentals of Nutrition and Health


Year 3 Semester 1


UCI 301

Management of Information Technology Projects

UCI 303

Multimedia and Graphics Systems and Applications 

PMT 310

Principles of Genetics

PML 311

Basic Immunology

PMT 313

Biochemical Techniques II

PMT 315

Medical Bacteriology

PMT 316

Medical Parasitology

PMT 318

Biostatistics and Biometrics


Year 3 Semester 2


UCI 302

Electronic Commerce

UCI 304

Statistical Data Analysis

PMT 322

Medical Mycology

PMB 323

Medical Virology

PMT 324

Molecular Biology of the Gene

PML 326

General Pathology and Histopathology           

PMB 327

Food Technology and Hygiene

PMT 328

Research Methods and Technical Writing

PMT 329

Principles of Environmental Health and Toxicology

PM 314

Industrial Attachment


Year 4 Semester 1


UCI 401

Social and Professional Issues in IT

UCI 403

Information assurance and Security

PMT 411

Entrepreneurship and Health Systems Management

PMT 412

Biomedical Instrumentation

PMB 435

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genomes and Expression

PMB 436

Methods in Molecular Biology

PMB 437

Molecular Aspects of Infectious Agents

PMT 415

Molecular Diagnostics and Immunotechnology

PML 410

Forensic Medicine I


Year 4 Semester 2


UCI 402

Human Computer Interaction

PMT 413

Introduction to Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

PML 420

Forensic Medicine II

PMT 422

Public Health and Epidemiology

PMT 426

Clinical Biochemistry and Chemical Pathology

PMB 445

Radiobiology and Radionuclides

PMB 446

Medical Genetics

PMB 448

Genomics and Proteonomics

PMB 449

Applications of Biotechnology in Medicine

PMT 414

Research Project

Programme Requirement

Applicants eligible for admission into the program must:

1. Satisfy the minimum University entry requirements of C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with at least B in Biology, B in Chemistry, C+ in Mathematics or Physics and a C+ in English.

2. Satisfy the Faculty board and senate in all the requirements for Bachelors's degree in Molecular Biology and Medical Biotechnology with the IT program. 

3. Students with first degrees in zoology/botany/chemistry/biology or ordinary diploma certificate holders from other universities or colleges recognized by Maseno University senate provided they do all the prerequisite courses relevant to the degree program and get relevant credit transfers as advised and approved by the Faculty Board and senate.


Duration of the Programme

The duration of the program shall normally be four (4) academic years.
Teaching methods in all units shall include lectures, tutorials, practicals, academic field trips and industrial attachment.

Degree Structure

The program offers courses within the degree structure spelled out by the Faculty.

Course Structure

The BSc in Medical Biotechnology shall be done by course work, examination, and practical attachments.

The first and second year of study shall be devoted to course work and examinations and a candidate shall take fourteen (14) course units in each academic year. 

After the second semester of the third year, students shall proceed for three months of industrial attachment which will be supervised and examined. The research project will be planned by the student in consultation with one of the teaching staff and field supervisor to come up with a research topic considered relevant to the student's interests and the program. 

A candidate MUST pass the examinations at the end of each academic year to proceed to the next year. Students must pass all prescribed courses in order to graduate.

Proposed Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science With IT

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunotechnology With IT

Course Category